Teeth Grinding Solution

Teeth Grinding Solution

What started out as a mild case of bruxism soon grew into a real headache. Looking for a teeth grinding solution? Try a night guard! At our Vancouver dental clinic, we can help you with this problem.

Think about this: you grind your teeth during the day because of stress. And then you begin to grind your teeth while you sleep, too. What started out as a mild case of bruxism or teeth grinding soon has you waking up to pain in your jaws and teeth.

The problem with bruxism is that it can be undetected unless someone tells you that you’re grinding your teeth in your sleep. Or when you go to your dental checkup and the doctors see what the grinding has done to your teeth.

It can lead to problems not only with your jaws and teeth but also loosen your teeth. It can even cause headaches and tension in your neck.

The solution is to set up an appointment with your dental clinic in Vancouver where your dentist can help you figure out the source of your bruxism.

One of the solutions to your problem might be a night guard.

A night guard is essentially a mouthguard that you wear when you go to sleep. It’s custom made for you to fit your teeth but it’s also tailored to the type of bruxism that you may have.

If you have light bruxism or clenching, the guard that you have will probably be a soft one that’s made out of thick rubber. This type lasts for up to 2 years.

For moderate bruxism, because the grinding is less severe, the guard will be something of a hybrid and can last up to 3 years.

For severe bruxism, you will need one that’s thicker and made of stronger material. This kind of guard is necessary to protect your teeth and jaw from the teeth grinding that you do. They also last from 2 to 5 years.

So, if you suspect that you might have bruxism, you should take the time to set up an appointment at your dental clinic today. The problems that bruxism can cause will certainly affect your overall health.

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