Tattoos for your Teeth. Is it Real?!

Tattoos for your Teeth. Is it Real?!

Lots of people like to get tattoos on their bodies. People running out of places for tattoos and now tattoos are showing up in the dental world and you can now get tattoos for your teeth.

You already have seen a normal body tattoo or golden, silver teeth and now as a new dental trend you can get tattoos for your teeth. There are labs which have been tattooing teeth for years. The first tattoo on a tooth was nearly 20 years ago, at the Suburbia Dental Laboratory in Bloomfield, Conn., when a customer asked for an image of a corvette to be put on his crown. Using a high heat color ceramic, technicians draw an image or tattoo the teeth by hand. All of the Artwork is done under microscopes with use of needles.

tattoos for your teeth

How can you get Tattoos for your Teeth

Tattoos can only be put on crown or bridges, not real teeth. You can get a tattoo starting from a cardinal to a smiley face on the teeth. Most people prefer having it on the cheek side of the tooth, some on the tongue side. They are seen only when the person that has one wants to share what they have, by pulling their cheek out so it could be seen.  They are part of the ceramic process, robust and durable. A really popular one is a smiley face right on the middle of the front tooth. Price range is an extra 100$ for a smiley face to a 1000$ for a beautiful dragon. Prices go higher depending on a complexity of a design which can span on a multiple teeth. People also get: Logos of their companies, characters from cartoons, people’s faces, numbers, and texts.

It’s absolutely removable. You can go ahead and take a diamond or a rubber wheel and grind that portion of a part that you don’t like. These kind of tattoos are not new but it grows in popularity. And after all a good smile can make for a good first impression or at least molesting one.

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