Stop Bad Breath- 5 Easy Tools

Stop Bad Breath- 5 Easy Tools

Stop Bad Breath

There are so many ways to stop bad breath, Bad breath is a problem many people struggle with, while some are aware of it, a lot don’t even know they have it. If you have been told you have bad breath, there are many things you can do to decrease it or even completely eliminate it.

Brush and Floss Twice Daily

This one is obvious. To maintain quality oral health, you should be brushing and flossing before you go to bed, and brushing once in the morning either before, or after your breakfast (preferably after). These are essential steps that lay the foundation to good oral health.

Scrape Your Tongue

A lot of the bacteria in your mouth is concentrated on your tongue. Many of us forget to brush or scrape our tongues after brushing our teeth. If you don’t want to add an extra step and tool such as a tongue scraper, simply brush your tongue thoroughly but lightly before you rinse. There are also a variety of soft and effective tongue brushes you can buy.

Don’t Eat Smelly Foods

Smelly foods include garlic, onions, canned fish and dairy. You have probably noticed the unpleasant effects on your breath after eating garlic or cheese. Avoiding these in large quantities will help your breath, and even body odor.

Stay Hydrated

Ever notice how unpleasant your breath smells when you’re dehydrated? Your mouth gets sticky and plaque seems to build up much faster. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help your body cleanse properly and stay hydrated.

Eat Plenty of Fruits & Vegetables

The fibrous nature of fruits and vegetables is incredible for cleaning teeth, they are nature’s toothbrush! Apples, carrots, and celery are especially great for scrubbing your teeth clean and polishing them.

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