Sport Mouth Guard Can Protect Your Teeth

Sport Mouth Guard Can Protect Your Teeth

A toothbrush and floss can keep your teeth clean and healthy, but a sport mouth guard can do much more by preventing them from chipping or even falling out. Below we have compiled some important information to know what sport mouth guards are, when they should be used and three different selections of mouth guards to choose from as well as what ones dentists recommend and why.

What Mouth Guards Are & When to Use Them
Mouth guards, also known as mouth protectors typically cover the upper and lower teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury from blows to the face. Taking preventative measures to ensure the well being of your teeth by wearing a mouth guard, is a wise decision especially when playing sports that carry a significant risk of injury-such as football, hockey and rugby. It is strongly recommended that every person-children and adults- participating in a sport that involves falls, body contact or flying objects be equipped with a mouth guard before accessing the playing field. This is in order to avoid a dental emergency that requires urgent attention.

Different Types of Mouth Guards
At A&A Dental we recommend a sport mouth guard that is comfortable, durable and allows participants to speak and breath without restrictions.

•Stock mouth guards: these are pre-formed and are out of the package ready to wear. They are inexpensive and can be bought at most sporting good stores. Since their fit cannot be adjusted and therefore are big, bulky and uncomfortable they provide little or no protection. Even though stock mouth guards are quick and easy to use, dentists due to their ineffectiveness DO NOT recommend them.
•Boil and bite mouth guards: these can be bought at most sporting good stores. Once boiled in a pot of hot water you can place it in your mouth and bite down to form the shape of your teeth into the mouth guard. These mouth guards offer better fit and protection than stock mouth guards due to this aspect.
•Custom mouth guards: these are made specifically to fit your teeth at your dentist’s office. Custom mouth guards offer the most comfortable fit and overall best protection for your teeth. Your dentist makes these by first, making an impression of your teeth and then constructing the mouth guard out of special material. These are preferred by most dentists for athletes to wear, but unfortunately are the most expensive.

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