Common Dental Problems

Common Dental Problems

We can assume that most people are aware that oral hygiene is important. However, not a lot of thought is given on the “why” aspect. And that’s to do with a number of dental ailments that you can get. As a dental clinic that understand the importance of preventive dentistry in Vancouver, we can give you some more information about the most common dental problems.

Tooth Decay

In 2013, the Canadian Institute for Health Information stated that about one-third of preschoolers who had to undergo all day surgery had to do so because of tooth decay. Bearing in mind, of course, that in order for the children to need a surgery that involved general anaesthesia the extent of the tooth decay must be severe.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria. If you keep brush and floss regularly and come in for some preventive dentistry in Vancouver, in the form of your regular checkups, you can easily avoid this problem.


Gingivitis or gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque on your teeth. Fortunately, this problem is very easily treated. A visit to your dentist will be able to solve this particular problem. Left alone, however, and it can lead to a more serious one.

Canadian Health Measures Survey’s oral health statistics for 2007-2009 stated that about 21% of adults have had a moderate or severe gum problems.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is caused by the root of your teeth being exposed or enamel being eroded (see Tooth Erosion below).

Approximately 1 in 8 adults have reported tooth sensitivity to their dentist, according to a researcher on a study for tooth sensitivity. The study also found that the likelihood of a woman to develop tooth sensitivity is higher than that of a man.

Tooth Erosion

Drinking things that are acidic will wear on the enamel of your tooth. And when that wears away, it can cause tooth erosion. The shape of your teeth will change and become irregular and even rough. The fact that the enamel is worn away will also mean that your tooth will feel more sensitive.

Most of the conditions mentioned above are preventable. That’s why we need to state again the importance of preventive dentistry in Vancouver. With good oral hygiene habits and frequent visits to your dentist, you can avoid these problems.

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