Mouthwash -why is it important?

Mouthwash -why is it important?

Large number of pharmaceutical companies spend millions on marketing their products for keeping your breath fresh and keep your oral health free of any decays and gum diseases. So here we gonna talk about why is it important to rinsing your mouth with mouthwash and how is it contribute into your oral hygiene routine

Why do we need to use mouthwash?

There are 2 important purposes mouthwash was made for. First, it was made to kill the bacteria in your mouth that may cause dental disease and the second purpose for mouthwash is that mouthwash has fluoride which is applied to your teeth during rinsing. The fluoride which was found in mouthwashes is strengthening you enamel and reducing the risk of tooth decay.
Anti bacterial based mouthwash is good because it helps to kill bacteria. Bacteria which was left on your teeth converts sugar in your diet into acid which eats into the enamel and eventually invades into the inside of your tooth which can lead to decayed tooth.
Bacteria might still be left behind after your regular flossing or brushing and that causing a bad breath. If this bacteria was left behind it often leads to gum disease.

Is there anything to worry about?

All the mouthwashes are tested as any other medicine to make sure they are safe. But be careful not swallow it and if you did you better call for an emergency or medical advice. Some mouthwashes contain alcohol which means that certain mouthwashes are not for you. Also be careful as some of the mouthwashes based on fluoride can cause permanent damage to the teeth, especially in children.
But remember that you can’t substitute flossing and brushing with that as mouthwash can’t reach the bacteria between your teeth and gums effectively, but its good to use it within.

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