If you are caring parents, you should consider regular dental checkups for your kids

If you are caring parents, you should consider regular dental checkups for your kids

There is a well known saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ which is just as relevant when it comes to oral health as in terms of overall health of course. Parents should  know that it is more easy to prevent a problem from happening than to solve the problem after it has already happened. So for all of us, and particularly children, regular dental checkups are the key to healthy teeth.

Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to pay close attention to your child’s teeth:

Child’s enamel isn’t as strong as adults. Sugar can attack more easily and lead more quickly to cavities child’s teeth due to the enamel is 50% thinner.

Kids are good at lots of things, brushing their teeth isn’t always one of them. We discussed the topic how to develop good oral habits for baby teeth already.

As we mentioned in our previous article, children aged 6 to 8 undergo an important change in terms of mouth development and teeth growing. They go through the transition from having baby teeth to having a mix of baby and adult teeth. And these adult teeth will then stay in the child’s mouth for their entire life.

This major mouth transformation of the child will most of the time create position problems and cavities for which professional attention will be needed.

The major changes

  • The child will replace his 8 front teeth; the 4 upper and the 4 lower baby incisors with permanent incisors.
  • The child will also undergo the growth of 4 molars behind his baby molars (2 up and 2 down). These teeth are called: the 6-year-old molars. Molars are the teeth located at the back of the mouth.

Why Regular Checkups?

Regular dental checkups should take place every 6 months and during this key childhood period, they will allow the A&A Dental Centre to prevent wrong bites and cavities in child’s teeth.

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