How to Keep your Tooth Enamel Strong

How to Keep your Tooth Enamel Strong


Enamel is basically a surface of your teeth. It is there to protect teeth from decays, plaques and etc. Of course with time it will start wearing off. We found a few tips that will help to keep your enamel strong and healthy at all times


  1. Foods that can help you protect enamel

There are certain foods that are high in calcium and they are actually counter acids in the mouth that cause decay. It also helps to keep your bones and teeth strong. Foods like milk and cheese are high in calcium and will help you to keep your enamel healthy. If you don’t eat dairy, then you can look for food where the calcium is added.

  1. Try to limit sugar

Sugary foods and drinks are playing a huge role in wearing down the enamel as the bacteria in your mouth feeds on sugar and then make acids which soften and wear away the enamel. Candies that are sticky are the worst for your enamel as it cause damage really fast.

Soft drinks are also acidic and most of them contains a lot of sugar. So, if you are thirsty, it is better to have a plain glass of water or freshly pressed juice.

  1. Don’t over brush

Brushing to hard will certainly wear off your enamel really fast. Lots of people don’t understand that and then have a million of decays in their teeth.

You should wait for about an hour after eating sweets to brush your teeth as the enamel will be to soft and it will be really easy to damage it.

  1. Watch out for dry mouth

Saliva is there to protect your teeth as enamel. It helps to wash away bad bacteria that leads to cavities. It also fights acidic foods. Always drink fresh water to make sure you have enough saliva in your mouth.

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