How to Clean Your Tongue!

How to Clean Your Tongue!

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Have you ever wondered how to clean your tongue properly? Bad breath is an annoying and frustrating problem for everyone. Some people worry about their bad breath even though they brush and floss their teeth twice a day. The main reason behind bad breath is not cleaning your tongue properly, as it can hold large amounts of bacteria if not brushed or scraped. A white coated tongue indicates poor tongue health, you should always work towards having a pink, healthy tongue! Let’s check out these tips on how to achieve this!

1 Scrape tongue

If you go to drug stores, you can find toothbrushes which have a tongue cleaner behind. Furthermore, you can find tongue scraper which remove the white layer on your tongue. Be careful not to press your tongue too hard. If you do that, you might hurt your tongue. You should scrape your tongue at the same time you brush your teeth after getting up and before going to bed.

2 Eat healthy food

Strawberries, lemon, cheddar cheese and apple are good for teeth as well as tongue health. These foods remove the white coating on your tongue. Yoghurt also does this by killing candida (which causes the white coating on your tongue) and stops it from growing.

3 Drink water and gargle with water

Having a dry tongue is not a good tongue condition, so you must drink a lot of water every day which is also good for your health, especially bowel movements. You can also gargle your mouth with water after each meal. It helps get rid of food particles and effectively cleans your tongue.

4 Have special drinks

We recommend tongue-friendly, special, and unique drinks. One of them is lemon and baking soda, and the other is water with turmeric. On one side, lemon and baking soda remove the coating on your tongue and cleans it. On the other side, turmeric is an antiseptic and anti-bacterial which cleans your tongue.

We hope these tips encouraged you to improve your routine if you were struggling with how to clean your tongue. If you have inquiries about any dental problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are willing to help you.


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