How to choose a toothbrush

How to choose a toothbrush

What are your standards when buying a toothbrush? Better yet, do you have any rules when buying one? You surely can choose considering price, aesthetics or even color, but that’s not the only features that you should look for. Bear with us to know how to choose a toothbrush.

1. Choose soft bristles
Brushing your teeth should be a gentle action. Run away from that impression that the hard ones clean better – that’s not true. Choose soft, rounded bristles.

2. Don’t buy no-name brands
Your toothbrush will be used at least twice a day, so consider investing in a good, reputable brand. This way you’ll be sure the materials used are safe, and that the product was built in a way to guarantee efficacy.

3. Choose the right head
The toothbrush’s head is an important part to consider when buying one, because depending on its shape or size, it can create difficulties for you to reach some parts of your mouth, like your backmost molars, for example.

4. Remember the basics
Your toothbrush should be, above all, a comfortable one, so you actually use it. That means your toothbrush handle should fit comfortably in your hand and your toothbrush head should feel comfortable in your mouth and be able to reach every tooth.

Besides choosing the right toothbrush, another very important action to take care of your mouth health is to visit your hygienist with frequency. Get to know more about our hygiene treatments by visiting us on 1288 Commercial Drive or calling us (604-255-4001) to schedule your appointment. Our specialists will be happy to help you!

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