Five foods you didn’t know are bad for your oral health

Five foods you didn’t know are bad for your oral health

When someone asks us which food is bad for our oral health, we immediately think about candy. And, of course, that’s not wrong at all – those sweet, sticky and addicting pieces of heaven are surely trouble for our mouths. But there are other foods that can be just as harmful, even though we don’t think of they like that. Roll down to find out more about it.

1. Lemonade

As everything in our body, our mouth needs a specific pH to keep it as a healthy environment. Lemonade is one of the foods that can change our mouth’s pH, and the citric acid it carries can wreak havoc on teeth. And let’s not forget the added sugar that lemonades usually have, right? That also is another ingredient that can compromise your oral health.

2. P&J sandwiches

Here, we have the perfect combination for bacteria: lots of sugar plus stickiness. The school lunch favourite is, unfortunately, a great environment for cavities to appear. It’s not only about the peanut butter or the jelly; the white bread is also a source of sugar that adds to that. You can try a less sugary version of it (with non-sugared products and whole wheat bread, for example), but brushing your teeth after any of those versions is the best way to keep your oral health and not give up this classic.

3. Potato chips

What? Potato chips? Yep, you read it right. Even though they are not sweet, they are, indeed, full of the sugar that comes with the carbohydrates. And their consistency doesn’t help either, since the crunchiness soon develops to form a sticky chewable paste that can cover the teeth.

4. Dried fruit

The nutritious content of dried fruits are for sure way better than any candy; but there’s something both have in common and can be a problem for your oral health: they are both sticky. Dried fruits have non-soluble cellulose fibre, which can keep the sugar trapped around the tooth. You have two options: make sure to brush your teeth as soon as you are finished with your snack or… choose the fresh version!

5. Curries

We normally hear about how coffee or black tea can color our teeth, but condiments should be part of that list. Curry is the number one for leaving stains on your teeth, as yellow as the condiment itself. Of course it takes some time until it happens, but make sure to drink a big cup of water in your next curry-meal, just in case.

So, what to do?

Beside avoiding those foods, getting lighter versions of them and brushing your teeth as soon as you are finished with them, periodical teeth cleanings are crucial for your oral health. At A&A Dental Centre you can find a team of hygienists to help you keepyour mouth clean and healthy. Read more about it by clicking here.

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