The Things You Should Avoid For a Healthy Smile-Dentist Vancouver

The Things You Should Avoid For a Healthy Smile-Dentist Vancouver

Wisdom From a Dentist Vancouver 

A really healthy smile can go a long way for a healthier you. We tend to get less worried about our dental hygiene till we are in trouble. You should always check with your dentist Vancouver for a regular checkup whenever you find it necessary. 

Don’t let these get you

  • Sucking Lemon– it pulls enamel from your teeth which turns bright teeth into yellow. 
  • Dried Fruits– these fruits are sticky like candy because of which there are chances of sugar sticking on your teeth, so brush your teeth immediately. 
  • Icy- the coldness of ice while chewing also makes your teeth more brittle and makes them more sensitive to hot and cold. 
  • Starch– crunchy potato chips stuck out for a long time in your teeth are a double threat to your teeth. 


Rethink your Drink

  • Alcohol– too much drinking dries your mouth which prohibits saliva from diluting. And you are not able to chew the food which is also a problem for the digestion system.
  • Sports and Energy Drinks – it worsens the condition of your teeth than anything else. The darker the color, the more it causes damage. 
  • Coffee and Tea – having tea and coffee frequently also dries out your mouth, so make sure to have some water regularly to avoid 


  • Soda– one of the most famous drinks in North America which contains lots of acids and full of sugar removes enamel from teeth which is the main cause of yellowness of your teeth. 
  • Fruit Punch- which contains very few nutrients as compared to real fruits but contains a lot of bad stuff which causes cavities. On every fruit punch, it is written that it has nutritive value but it has zero nutrition for your wonderful smile. 


 Smile With Sparkling Teeth

  • Brush your teeth– try to brush your teeth twice a day for 3 to 4 minutes in the morning and evening which keeps your mouth fresh and free from any kind of odour.
  • Drink lots of water– sticky sugar on your teeth automatically pulls out from your magnificent teeth by drinking lots of water and it also keeps glow on your face. 
  • Keep up with Vancouver dentist– keep up with regular dental checkups by observing what you are consuming and track your damage and healthiness and discuss with the dentist. 
  • Natural Remedies– there are thousands of products available in drugstores which help to keep your beautiful smile. 
  • Don’t wait until it hurt – Visit regularly to the Vancouver dentist to avoid unnecessary pain and damage to your healthy white teeth. 

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