Dental Games and Apps that will make your child want to brush

Dental Games and Apps that will make your child want to brush

More then half of North America’s five year old children are suffering from tooth decay. These children usually have three or four decayed teeth. This is a bit of a problem as it involves contributing factors like parents’ dental health and diet and dental habits. There are Dental Games that can help parents. 

We picked up few games that will help your child to contribute in brushing teeth.

Top Dental Game-Sugar Bug Blast Which Lets Your child Play with Barbie 

Children love to play with their dolls, especially they will love play dentist in Sugar Bug Blast. This game will teach your child that he/she will need different kind of tools like toothbrushes, polishers, scrubbers, mouthwash and other tools to clean “sugar bugs” and make your smile beautiful and sparkling!

 This game is an amazing representation of oral health care and it should make your kids think about their own sugar bugs.

Kid’s Dental Health app will Help your Child Read and Play 

Kids can learn about dentistries in an educational, fun and informative manner with Kid’s Dental Health lab. The game consist of different kinds of stories which lets your child deal with different kinds of oral hygiene topics. If your child can’t read, don’t worry you will not have to do it because there is a button “read to me” and your child needs to listen to what they saying carefully.

The game teaches kids how to put toothpaste on toothbrushes, flossing, oral bacteria and choosing healthy foods.

Although that amazing game is not free you can still get it for around 12$ from the iTunes store.

Top Teeth Game

This game was created by BBC to raise awareness of dental health in Northern Ireland. Anyway, this game is fun and should educate and entertain children throughout the world.

Fairy with fangs teaches kids how to make a good food choices and how they can limit their sugars. Also, you child can help the fairy to brush away the impact of sugary foods in Keith the Teeth. You child can also learn all the teeth names and learn about the structure of their teeth and the impact of the plaque. 

Top Teeth game is designed for children which are from7-9 years old. It is easy and fun way to learn about teeth. If you or your child needs any consulation you can contact us by phone or visit our website!

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