‘I Wish I Knew More About Dental Braces’: 7 Common Myths

‘I Wish I Knew More About Dental Braces’: 7 Common Myths

Common Dental Braces Myths

We tend to assume braces are for cosmetic reasons whenever we see someone wearing them. But is this really the case? Probably you wish you knew some of the common dental braces myths. A number of myths have arisen over the course of the years concerning orthodontic treatment. Due to this, it can be hard to tell what is true and what isn’t.

Dental Facts vs Word of Mouth 

Dentists are familiar with their work, but orthodontists’ work remains somewhat obscure for many, for some reason. In any event, there are many myths regarding orthodontic treatments, some of which are not only false but may prevent people from seeking treatment in the first place

Hurtles Braces Are a Myth: It’s Painful

Lie! Orthodontic treatments used to be painful a long time ago, but things have changed significantly since then. Braces and other treatments are much less painful nowadays thanks to advances in technology and new techniques that are regularly introduced


Dental Braces Are for Generation Z

Adults, teenagers, and children can all benefit from braces. There is no age limit for getting braces on your teeth and seeing results. More than 25% of orthodontic patients in the United States and Canada are adults. It is likely that this number will grow as adults realize that it is never too late to correct their teeth and feel better ab ok out their smiles as the years go by.

These Braces Will Be Stuck for a Million Years!

It is impossible to predict how long the braces will remain on you. Depending on your teeth, you will have to wear braces for a certain amount of time. A major factor in determining whether or not correction is needed is how much correction is needed. Overbites or underbites can also lengthen the time your braces need to be worn. Also, children generally move their teeth faster than adults, so it is crucial to consider their age before making a decision. 

Watch for Tomorrow’s Results

Despite the fact that the treatment will begin working immediately after it has been administered, you won’t be able to observe any real improvement for some time. You might even notice new rooms appearing in some situations. Once your treatment program is completed, you should have no alignment issues.

Here Is Only One Type of Brace: Metal

You have a number of options besides metal braces, which are considered to be the “conventional” type of braces in the industry. It is possible to get ceramic braces with brackets that are clear and mix in with your teeth. There are translucent wires available for these brackets so that your braces are virtually invisible.

AA Dental Clinic and Braces

It is our dentists’ reputation for being friendly and experienced that sets them apart from other practices. Facts and myths about orthodontic treatment should be separated when it comes to orthodontics, and we can steer you in a better direction when you actually need them. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 



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