Commercial Drive Dental Cleaning

Commercial Drive Dental Cleaning

At A&A Dental Centre, we provide the best Commercial Drive dental cleaning. Why is it important to have a dental cleaning once to twice a year, you ask? Dental cleanings remove plaque, which is a soft, sticky film infested with bacteria that accumulates through eating. Your saliva naturally contains calcium which is great for strengthening the teeth, but it can also cause a buildup of calcium deposits on the teeth. This is a hard, chalky substance that makes it much easier for food and plaque buildup to attach and thrive. At your cleaning, the dental hygienist will scrape this away either manually or with the ultrasonic machine.

Ultrasonic Tool

This tool uses vibrations to loosen tartar buildup in the gum line, and emits a high pitched frequency sound. It also sprays a cooling mist as it works to loosen this debris, ensuring optimal comfort for the patient.

Fine Hand Tools

Fine hand tools are usually used after the ultrasonic tool to manually scrape away any fine deposits that were’t removed by the ultrasonic. The dental hygienist will use moderate pressure to achieve an effective cleaning – if this gets uncomfortable at any point, make sure to let your hygienist know. This smooths the tooth surface and prepares it for the next treatment.


Polishing ensures your teeth are smooth and squeaky clean after the previous cleaning steps. The polishing tool has a rotating rubber head piece which the hygienist then uses to scoop prophy paste with from a little cup. This is that gritty paste you always feel when it’s time for your polishing. Since this instrument is slow speed and not in the slightest bit painful, it can actually be a rather therapeutic part of your cleaning session.


One of the final steps is flossing. Your dental hygienist will carefully go in between each tooth to remove any remaining pieces of debris. The most important aspect of flossing is to “hug” the tooth and go up into the gum line, rather than just flossing directly upward.


This is the last step. Fluoride is placed in a soft tray and placed over the top and bottom teeth for 30 seconds. Fluoride will strengthen your teeth to lessen the chances of future cavities.

Make sure to contact us for your next Commercial Drive dental cleaning! You can visit us at our friendly office in Vancouver and experience a truly fresh feeling, that lasts.

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