It’s better to start taking care of your teeth at a young age and it goes without saying this process is life long, but when you are a busy student, it’s not so easy to find time and spare budget that time for your mouth health. However don’t forget we only have one set of teeth and once they are gone that is that. According to recent studies the young population tend to slack a little more than other age groups in terms of taking care of their teeth. Our A&A Dental Centre would like to present some tips which can help ensure healthy teeth for years.

  • 1. Eliminate sugary food and beverages. We know that all food contain more or less sugar, and it’s better go less sugar that will help to keep yout teeth strong. The same situation with food and drinks that are high in acidity. These acids and sugars damage the enamel on yout teeth, making them weaker and sensitive to cavities.
  • 2. Avoid cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Besides harmful effects on your overall health, those bad habits can bring problems with teeth as well, like lose of whitness of your smile and extra sensitivity of your gums.
  • 3. Brush and floss should be your daily routine. In order to prevent the food particles from settling on and between your teeth, you should brush/floss/wash your oral cavity after every meal or snack. That preventive measure will save your enamel from breaking down, that can cause opening your teeth up and the following cavities.
  • 4. Don’t miss dental visits every 6 months. Visiting your dentist twice a year is a great preventive measure, while thta you will get a good deep teeth cleaning to help keep those hard to reach places clean. And you will get consultation for any teeth concerns before they become big problems. Moreover our A&A Dental Centre has a special student dental plan. Contact us for the detailed information about it.

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