Best ways for Seniors to take care of their teeth and mouth !

Best ways for Seniors to take care of their teeth and mouth !

No matter how old you are you should always take care of your teeth and mouth.When your teeth are good you can eat whatever you want for good health.When you have healthy teeth and mouth you can also laugh and smile with others.

Gum Disease

This disease infects the gums which hold your teeth in their place.When the plague stays on the teeth it forms a hard dark harmful covering which doesn’t get clean even with brushing your teeth.
This is how you can prevent it :
1.Brush your teeth 2 times a day
2.Floss once a day
3.Visit your dentist regularly
4.Have a well-balanced diet

Dental Implants

These are small metal pieces that hold the implants and to install them you need to get yourself checked by the dentist. This requires healthy gums.Make an appointment with us to find out more about it.

Tooth Decay

Our teeth are made to last a lifetime. If you take care of your teeth you can protect them for years to come.Tooth decay ruins the enamel protects and covers your teeth.When you don’t take good care of your teeth the bacteria can stick to your teeth and form a sticky substance called dental plaque.
Using Fluoride can be of benefit to adults as well.If you have a problem with cavity your dentist might give you a fluoride treatment in order to solve the problem.


Dentures might feel strange at first but get used to them while eating make sure to keep these points in mind :
1.Start with food that won’t stick your teeth.
2.Have small pieces of food in the beginning
3.Chew slowly using both sides of the mouth

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