Coffee Affects Dental Hygiene

Coffee Affects Dental Hygiene

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Harmful Coffee Affects on Teeth

It’s eight am and your off to work with a coffee in hand. However little do you know this daily beverage may kickstart your day but it does have many harmful effect on your teeth and dental hygiene.

Coffee, like many other beverages such as wine or tea have an ingredient called tannins. Tannins is a type of polyphenol that breaks down in water and causes colour compounds to more readily stick to your teeth. When the colour compounds stick it leaves behind a yellow hue. Discolouration is one of the most talked about effects of on teeth, however there are others. Coffee also aids bacteria growth that creates acids that can lead to tooth and enamel erosion as well as halitosis. Enamel is important as it protects teeth from cavities and dental diseases. Large intakes of coffee is associated with stress and the inability to sleep. If you drink a cup of coffee four hours before bed it can cause you to clench your teeth while you sleep. This can further lead to pain in your jaw and teeth.

Prevention from Coffee Affects

Know for being a notorious teeth stainer, it only takes a cup of joe a day to cause consequences to your dental health. In order to prevent teeth discolouration while still enjoying your favourite beverage follow these tips.

1. Eat Fruit: Fruit contains fibre which actually cleans your teeth
2. Drink From a Straw: By using a straw it bypasses your teeth
3. Regularly Brush: Try to brush soon after you drink coffee to prevent stains
4. Avoid Creamer and Sugar: These speed up the growth of discolouring bacteria
5. Drink in One Sitting: Prevent build up of bacteria through out the day
6. Limit Your Intake: Try to aim for maximum two cups a coffee per day

Getting Rid of Coffee Affects

No need to worry if you’re a coffee lover. Just make sure to take precautions by drinking in moderations and brushing regularly. As well it is important to have bi-annual check ups to keep up with your dental hygiene. Teeth whitening treatments offered by your dentist are also a good idea to get rid substance stains caused to teeth over time.

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