5 Everyday Foods in Vancouver That Hurts Your Teeth

5 Everyday Foods in Vancouver That Hurts Your Teeth

With Vancouver being such a foodie-based city, many dental clinics in Vancouver warns that some of the everyday foods we eat can actually be the worst foods when it comes to the health of your teeth. A recent study done by the tooth paste brand Sensodyne suggests that 1 in 3 Canadians experience tooth sensitivity and pain. Less than half of these individuals have a firm understanding of the impact these foods have on their teeth and oral health. Here are some everyday foods in Vancouver that hurts your teeth, brought to you by A&A dental centre:


Juicing has become quite the trend around the Vancouver area, with new juice trucks and juice vendors popping up all over the place. People are enjoying taking in their daily vegetable intake in one drink; but at what cost? The acid in many of your favorite fruits can wear away at enamel and promote teeth decay. Juices like cranberry and lemonade can be more acidic than vinegar which can, over time eat away at the enamel on your teeth. So even when they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, you also need to remember that if apple juice is all you drink, your dental clinic want you to rethink.

Dried Fruit:

Now this one might be surprising. It’s not uncommon to see some hiker or biker strolling in Vancouver with a fruity bar in their hands as a quick snack. Although packed with nutrients, dried fruit can be very sticky and high in sugar which can cause them to get stuck between teeth for long periods of time. This feeds the bacteria in your mouth causing tooth erosion and bad breath.

Chewable Vitamins:

Yes they might taste like a 5 cent candy from the corner store, but that’s probably because they are packed full of sugar. Similar to the dried fruit, these chewable vitamins can be very sticky and stay in your mouth, between teeth for long periods of time.

White Wine:

Red wine always seems to get a bad rap for staining your teeth but did you know that it’s White wine that actually is very acidic and eats away at the enamel on your teeth. This can have a long term impact on your overall oral health as once enamel is gone, it cannot be built back up. Plus, Vancouver dental clinics are tired of smelling your alcohol breath too.

BBQ Sauce:

With summer knocking on our door step, it’s time to get the backyard festivities going. That mean sparking up those barbeques and grilling up some steaks. Now what’s a BBQ without some BBQ Sauce? This thick, dark sauce is typically filled with sugar which is why it tastes good on everything. To prevent any unwanted mouth diseases be sure to rinse your mouth after eating sugar heavy foods.

So, make sure to take these foods with moderation, or at least brush your teeth afterwards. Despite it being ice cream weather, you don’t want it to be all that you can eat from getting your teeth pulled! For more ways to protect your teeth, visit the A&A Dental Centre website!

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