We understand that booking a dental appointment isn’t just a matter of filling out a form online or even calling a dental clinic. People have concerns about what’s covered by their Medical Services Plan (MSP) or any other healthcare plan that they might have. But they should find out what kind of dental plan is included in their healthcare.
A & A Dental Centre does have a few financial options to help:
1. Free Consultations – You can book a free consultation with us to discuss the treatment you need as well as what your healthcare plan covers.
2. BC Service Card or Care Card – People in Low-income household can be covered.
3. Senior Discounts – For people 55 years or older, you’ll have 10% off all dental treatments.
4. Student Dental Plan and Discounts – You can save by using your student dental plan. There’s also a 10% discount for all dental treatments, provided you have a valid Student ID.
5. Indian Status Card – A large portion of your dental treatments may be covered by your Indian Status Card.
If you’re wondering about what is covered by your MSP, their leaflet states that the following are covered:
• Diagnostic X-ray and lab services that’s ordered by a dental surgeon or an oral surgeon
• Dental and oral surgery that’s medically required to be performed in a hospital.
Please note that the leaflet also stated that any type of restorative or other types of dental works that need to be performed at a dental office are not covered by MSP.
To know more about what your options are, we do suggest that you make an appointment for a (Free!) consultation to discuss your healthcare and what type of dental plan you have.
For more information, book your Free Consultation or send an email to: info@aadentalcentre.com

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