Not all foods are good for your teeth and gums. If you consume these foods, be sure to practice good oral health care and visit your dentist regularly.
Carbohydrates. Bacteria feed on leftover foods in the mouth and produce acid, which causes decay. Carbohydrate-laden foods, such as chips, bread, pasta, or crackers, can be as harmful to the teeth as candy.
Sticky, chewy foods. Raisins, granola bars, jelly beans, caramel, honey, and syrup stick to teeth and can get trapped between your teeth which makes it difficult for saliva to wash the sugar away.
Sugary snacks. Snacks like cookies, cakes, or other desserts contain a high amount of sugar, which can cause tooth decay.
Gum and candy. Chewing gum and eating candy is very harmful to your teeth. As you eat, sugar coats your teeth, which can lead to cavities.
Carbonated soft drinks. Regular soda (or pop) contains an extremely high amount of sugar. Both regular and diet sodas also contain phosphorous and carbonation, which wears away the enamel on your teeth (causing them to become stained and brown).
Fruit or vegetable juices. Fruit and vegetable juices tend to be high in sugar, which can damage tooth enamel and lead to decay.
Citrus fruit. Frequent exposures to acidic foods can erode enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decay over time.
Alcohol. It causes dehydration and dry mouth. People who drink excessively may find their saliva flow is reduced over time, which can lead to tooth decay and other oral infections such as gum disease. Heavy alcohol use also increases your risk for mouth cancer.
Coffee. This drink creates a favorable environment for oral bacterial growth. It has a drying effect as alcoholic drinks, which reduces saliva flow and allows foul-smelling bacteria to linger longer.
Please ensure that you’re getting enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and avoid the bad foods to maintain the good health of your mouth and don’t forget about the annual dental check up even if you don’t have visible problems with your teeth and gums.

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