In modern dentistry there is a huge list of effective treatments available for you to keep your teeth and overall oral health in good condition. At A&A Dental Centre, our skilled dentist will provide you with a good quality dental care treatment in terms of preserving and restoring your teeth back to its perfect shape….

Dental Veneers

Dental treatments don’t limit by fixing cavities or broken teeth, there is a quit big range of dental services like dental bonding and veneers for instance that also can be used to improve the look of healthy teeth. At A&A Dental Centre we are glad to provide you with such dental services that will help…


Not all foods are good for your teeth and gums. If you consume these foods, be sure to practice good oral health care and visit your dentist regularly. Carbohydrates. Bacteria feed on leftover foods in the mouth and produce acid, which causes decay. Carbohydrate-laden foods, such as chips, bread, pasta, or crackers, can be as harmful…

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